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Essential Component to Happy Relationships

Have you ever had a partner hurt you?

Do you have needs that your loved one doesn’t meet? Do you feel depressed, angry or resentful towards someone you care about? Are you hungry/starving to fill a void in your life and have a need desperatly met?

Forgiveness is an essential component of any happy relationship. It is inevitable that people will make mistakes but it is essential to know when and how to forgive. It is natural for a loved one who has been wronged or hurt to develop resentment that can fester for many years and ruin the chance for any happiness. Yet if the resentful party values the marriage more than being right and more than being angry, they can find the love and compassion that make forgiveness possible.

Infidelity is one of the most hurtful mistakes that a married person can make. Sexual infidelity is an attack on the sacredness of marriage, on its essence. Yet infidelity is always a joint effort. The spouse who has been wronged needs to understand what they have contributed to the other spouse’s infidelity. No one is unfaithful to a spouse who satisfies all of their Six Human Needs. Are you blaming someone else for your unhappiness? If you are feeling wronged by a loved one find out if you are truly satisfying the other’s 6 Human Needs!

1. CERTAINTY – Certainty that we can be comfortable – to have pleasure and avoid pain. Code words for certainty are comfort, security, safety, stability, feeling grounded, predictability and protection.

2. UNCERTAINTY/VARIETY – Variety and challenges that exercise our emotional and physical range. Our bodies, our minds, our emotional well-being all require uncertainty, exercise, suspense, variety and surprise. Code words for Uncertainty/Variety are instability, change, entertainment, suspense, exertion and surprise.

3. SIGNIFICANCE – Every person needs to feel special, important, needed and wanted. Code words for Significance are pride, importance, achievement, performance, perfection, evaluation, discipline and competition.

4. CONNECTION/LOVE – Everyone needs Connection with other human beings, and everyone strives for and hopes for Love. Code words for Connection/Love are togetherness, passion, unity, warmth, tenderness and romance.

5. GROWTH – Everything is either growing or dying. We need to constantly develop emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

6. CONTRIBUTION – We all desire to go beyond our own needs and give to others. Everything in the universe contributes beyond itself or is eliminated.

When partners find it difficult to forgive and are withholding love, affection or support, they need to open their heart and find the love and compassion that make it possible to forgive.

The infidelity is usually a symptom of a much larger issue that underlies the relationship and that needs to be addressed.


5 Step Process in Attracting the “Right” Person for YOU!

5 Step Process in Attracting the “Right” Person for YOU!

Ever wonder how compatible you are with someone your dating? Do you ever question how compatible you are with  who you are in a relationship with now? If you don’t know your ideal image of who you are looking for then how will you know? People will treat you how you allow them to. If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there. When you learn what energy you are putting out into the universe you will understand how to attract more of what you want and how.  The truth is: The key to a lasting relationship is understanding, patience and love.  If you don’t understand yourself, how would you be able to understand others.   The 1st step in attracting the relationships you desire is to raise your awareness on your core energy level and how you are actually coming across to others, understand  and even shift some of your values. The 2nd step is to breakthrough your energy blocks that hold you back from your true potential and successful relationships and learn healthy self-love. The 3rd step is to practice raising your energy level to attract positive into your life. The 4th step is to gain clarity on the vision who and what you want. When you ask you receive. What are you sub consciously asking for? 5th step is to begin to attract that ideal person into your life.

What is important to you in a relationship? Compatibility is nice of course however opposites attract. What really keeps a lasting high energy relationship? There’s much more than both liking bike riding.

Understanding and awareness! Learning the love language for yourself and loved one, understanding each others needs and values. Your strengths and weaknesses, your best self and how you show up under stress and conflict. We are complicated beings and no 2 people will just click and last without effort from both parties, understanding, patience and love. So if your dates and relationships are not what success looks and feels like to you, it makes sense. You’re not alone and I can help!

If you are ready to stop living the definition of insanity “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I would love to help you attract a healthy loving relationship, it starts with YOU!